On-Site Services: Mobile Health

Medcor Canada’s fleet of Mobile Treatment Centers (MTCs) are four-wheel-drive vehicles ready to provide medical care to any project that is remote, widespread, temporary or that requires our staff to be available at a moment’s notice. Our medical trailers, or “first aid rooms,” allow for the enhanced treatment and assessment of patients requiring immediate medical attention and advanced care as well as in-depth after care.

On-Site Services: Health and Wellness Clinics

Medcor Canada delivers on-site health services at fixed locations such as factories, distribution centers, corporate headquarters and other worksites. With an on-site clinic, employees receive immediate and convenient access to care as well as beneficial preventative medicine. These clinics are tailored to clients’ needs – everything from hours of operation to scope of services provided. When employees need off-site care, our staff coordinate with health specialists to help achieve the best outcomes possible.

24/7 Telephonic Injury Triage

In any industry, employees injured at work can benefit from our telephonic injury triage service at the time of injury. Triage nurses use proprietary software and evidence-based clinical algorithms to assess the injury over the phone and determine the best treatment. Our telephonic injury triage provides injury assessment for employees at workplaces that cannot support a medical clinic or medical staff on-site. Injury triage can also complement on-site clinics and Mobile Treatment Centers after hours or on weekends when a medical provider is not available.

Health and Safety: Training and Staffing

Medcor Canada offers numerous safty training opportunities both at client worksites and at our training facility, including: first aid, fire suppression, PPE compliance, Aboriginal awareness and more. Moreover, Medcor Canada provides qualified and experienced safety professionals on worksites to augment and support client safety programs and to ensure a safe work environment.

Employee Screening Services

Medcor Canada’s screening services are US DOT compliant and follow the Canadian Model for Drug-Alcohol Testing Standards. Medcor Canada utilizes point of care testing (POCT) and can provide both oral fluid and urine testing. The POCT can provide rapid results to the client with little time away from work.

Mental Health Support

Medcor Canada’s Mental Health Support is a preventative service that helps employees to deal with difficulties before they become major distractions at work.
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