Onsite Drug Testing & Employee Screening Services

Medcor Canada is able to offer third party employee screening services to our clients on site. Medcor Canada employee screening services are US DOT compliant and follow the Canadian Model for Drug and Alcohol Testing Standards.

Medcor Canada utilizes point of care drug tests (POCT) and can provide both oral fluid testing and/or urine testing based on client preferences and needs. The POCT can provide immediate results to the client with little wait time for lab results. We can also provide access to our online system DrugFiles™ which allow our clients to manage all aspects of their screening program online.

Our Staff are able to conduct the following drug and alcohol testing services:

  • Pre-employment and pre-access
  • Reasonable cause
  • Post incident
  • Return to work and follow up tests

The Medcor Canada Drug and Alcohol Program provides lab testing and medical review for all non-negative results, and upon request can have all samples tested by the lab if so desired.

Medcor Canada breath alcohol testing is conducted via an evidential breath tester or EBT. The EBTs provide accurate and definitive Breath Alcohol Content (BAC) results that can be reported immediately to our clients.

If you would like to review a copy of Medcor Canada’s Drug and Alcohol Program, please feel free to email Melissa at melissa.manion@medcorcanada.com