Here is a unique opportunity to partner with a Certified Leadership Coach, training facilitator and leadership consultant. Our sequential 5-module series focuses on:

  • True Colors personality model as a foundation in understanding yourself and others to foster an open environment with effective communication and collaboration.
  • Thought-provoking self-discovery designed to facilitate the development of professional objectives through exploration.
  • Create an inclusive culture of empowered and respectful leaders with the ability to navigate conflict.
  • Maximize the productivity of your team through goal setting, time and stress management, managing performance, emotional literacy and relationship building.
  • Build resilient leaders with an emphasis on foundational skills to shape and enhance leadership development.
  • Enhance your impact to influence through coaching others and managing change.

Each module concentrates on individual concepts and facilitated in 60- and 90-minute virtual sessions with a total of 35 hours of coaching and leadership focused learning! Modules can be purchased individually or discounted when you purchase the program upfront. Discounts also available for multiple employees within the organization.

Module 1 | Foundational Leadership – 7 hours

This module focuses on the foundational skills of effective leadership. Understanding the kind of leader you want to be and discovering your personality style will assist you in building relationships and bringing out the best in others through thoughtful, respectful communication.

Resources: True Colors Personal Workshop valued at US$3900 with a Certified True Colors Instructor, True Colors Puzzle Cubes to act as visual of your color spectrum and heighten awareness on how to better communicate with one another, Podcast on the Importance of Self Awareness

Module 2 | Key Elements of a Team – 7 hours

Increase our understanding of the key elements to developing an effective team through connection, clear roles and responsibilities, effective communication, developing trust and the ability to articulate vision by inspiring and motivating action.

Resources: The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team—Patrick Lencioni, Incorporating True Colors with Communication and bringing out the best in our team

Module 3 | Leadership Essentials – 7 hours

In this virtual 24/7 sensory overload world it’s hard to stay focused and on track. Our computers, phones, and watches are constantly buzzing telling us we have something else to do, this can be overwhelming and can eat up our time. In Leadership Essentials you will learn very focused strategies on how to manage time and stress and how to produce meaningful goals. As leaders we need to be flexible and empower our people to succeed, we can do this by understanding the different stages of learning and how different levels of support and direction are dependent on someone’s level of competence and commitment.

Resources: Stress ball, Tips for Outlook and Time Management strategies, Understanding stress and coping strategies, Learn the SMARTER goal model

Module 4 | Fostering an Open Culture – 7 hours

Utilizing the foundation and essentials we will focus further on your emotional intelligence and how that can be effective when having difficult conversations or identifying problems that need solutions. Conflict is inevitable; it’s part of everyday life but left unmanaged it can stop organizational progress in its tracks. We will utilize True Colors to understand the causes for conflict and the key elements of negotiations. By fostering an open culture, we will produce innovative and creative team members with the ability to manage and navigate conflict.

Resources: True Colors Conflict Navigation Workshop valued at US$3500 with a Certified True Colors Instructor, Mastering the Art of Crucial Conversations—Vital Smarts video

Module 5 | Unlocking Potential – 7 hours

Succession planning is a crucial element as it highlights upcoming leaders within the organization. By managing employee and team performance, we can identify and develop potential leaders and prepare them for the future. We will tap into previous lessons and discover how to coach others to empower and motivate; creating highly effective teams, foster growth and influence and manage change. Let’s work together to unlock your potential!

Resources: Incorporating True Colors into Team Development, HBR Guide to Coaching Employees—Harvard Business Review Press

Program Evaluation

Investing in people is not the same as investing in a program or piece of equipment; measuring the return on investment in a person can be much more difficult. For the most part, coaching is measured on “changes in behavior” or progress in self-awareness and identifying the impacts to the organization.

You will complete a Self-Assessment on the 25 lesson areas prior to the individual’s first session. Each module will start with a review of the supervisor and self-assessment on the topics within. The client’s self-reflection will identify any further areas of opportunity that can be built upon in the upcoming modules.

At the end of each module the client will receive a Development Report by the Coach to increase transparency and provide regular feedback throughout; identifying progress toward individual development. The report will include positive and constructive feedback on how the client is applying the concepts.

You will complete the provided assessment on the 25 lesson areas prior to the client’s first session. This will act as a reference point on how you view the client’s leadership vs how they view themselves and will be shared with the coach and client.

The supervisor will receive a Progress Report throughout the duration of the program. This will outline who is in the program and the % of completion within the modules. The client Development Report will be shared with the supervisor at the end of each module.

Upon completion of the program the client and supervisor will be asked to complete a final assessment on the 25-lesson areas to showcase the improvement.

The client will receive a True Colors Certificate of Completion by a certified instructor as well as a Certificate of Completion for graduating from the Leadership Program from your Certified Leadership Coach. 

The client and supervisor will receive an overall program evaluation from your Certified Leadership Coach.

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