Medcor Canada got its start specializing in mobile medical services. Our fleet of mobile treatment centers can provide medical care to any project that is temporary or requires our medical staff be on the move and available to respond to an emergency at any time.

Mobile Clinics

Medcor Canada has a fleet of Dodge RAM 3500 quad cab 4×4 diesel trucks and RAM 2500 quad cab 4×4 gas trucks with MTCs installed.

Our MTCs have been customized with extra cabinetry to ensure all ALS and BLS equipment required for our pre-hospital care providers can be properly stored and safely transported. Our MTCs are equipped with certified rollover protection which meets the regulations and guidelines of Technical Standards Document No. 220 of the Canadian Department of Transportation.

Contact us to learn how a mobile clinic can support your worksite and reduce costs.

Medcor Canada's Mobile Treatment Centers (MTC) are great for many construction and remote projects and can respond to any emergency.