Medcor Canada provides a wide range of health services for both mobile and on-site clients. Our clients select the scope of services that fits their needs. These services can be focused on occupational health, providing care for work-related injuries, and if a worksite injury is severe, our staff can provide the same lifesaving procedures normally performed by responding ambulance personnel. The scope of services can also be expanded to provide primary care to employees, including chronic care management.

Configuring Services for Each Client

Medcor Canada collaborates with each client to determine the optimal mix of services to meet their needs and budget. Clients select the scope of services, clinical staff levels and hours of operation, up to 24/7 coverage.

Clinical Levels

Medcor Canada’s on-site services are delivered by a variety of clinicians:

  • EMRs, Primary Care Paramedics, Advanced Care Paramedics.
  • Registered Nurses and Occupational Health Nurses.
  • Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners.
  • Physicians.
  • Other health professionals (including wellness, nutrition, and fitness coaches and educators).

Scope of Service Options

Occupational Care

  • Treatment of work-related injuries.
  • Environmental support.
  • Surveillance programs.
  • Support for industrial hygiene and ergonomics.
  • Safety support and training.
  • Drug and alcohol screening.

Primary Care

  • Management of stable chronic conditions.
  • Management of minor infections and illnesses.
  • Refer and coordinate care.
  • Educate and advise patients.


  • Screening, education, prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Urgent Care

  • Treatment of acute illnesses.
  • Treatment of minor orthopedic injuries.
  • Treatment of soft-tissue injuries, including sutures.

Emergency Response

  • Response, assessment, initial treatment and stabilization in emergencies.
  • Referrals to off-site care and coordination with specialists as needed.
  • Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support pre-hospital care.

Electronic Medical Record

Medcor Canada’s proprietary Medfiles™ system was developed in-house specifically to support on-site clinics. Our software automates documentation and reporting; it tracks all injury and illness data, performs trend analyses for safety and complies with all OHS regulations. When necessary, Medcor Canada can also use commercial electronic medical records to facilitate transition of existing clinics, access to historical data and integration with other clinics.

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Medcor Canada's Mobile Treatment Centers (MTC) are great for many construction and remote projects and can respond to any emergency.