Preventing Unnecessary Claims and Costs

When workplace injuries happen, time matters. Medcor Canada’s innovative triage process enables immediate response to injuries on any job. Employees and supervisors in any industry – even mobile workers – can call specially-trained nurses who use systems-driven, patented methods and determine the best treatment following evidence-based medical algorithms.

With Medcor Canada’s injury triage, costly emergency room visits and unnecessary clinic visits are avoided, while needed medical treatments are obtained sooner. Medcor Canada’s injury triage system recommends the level of care that is most appropriate to meet injured employees’ needs. When off-site care is needed, we make appropriate referral recommendations to appropriate care facilities.

Rapid Reporting

All triage calls are entirely recorded for case documentation, quality assurance and fraud deterrence. After each call, Medcor Canada’s software automatically sends detailed reports, customized for each client. Within minutes, all incidents are reported to safety, HR, claims and risk management staff as directed by the client. Case managers and adjusters learn about new claims in time to be proactive, safety managers are alerted to start investigations and first reports of injury can be handled for all provinces.

When referrals are made, providers are notified in advance to ensure coordination of care and to emphasize the company’s return-to-work policy. Clients can access their data enterprise-wide over a secure website to analyze trends. Medcor Canada’s triage system protects the privacy of personal health information.


Medcor Canada has an external translation service readily available for all calls. More than 5% of all triage calls are translated annually. More than 130 languages are available through our translation service.

Patented Triage Method

Medcor Canada holds a Canadian patent for our unique triage method as well as multiple foreign patents, including four U.S. patents. Our workplace injury triage is not like any other triage product on the market. Medcor Canada’s triage method is systems-driven, using evidence-based medicine. Triage decisions do not rest on the individual judgements of nurses but rather, triage recommendations are made using proprietary Afkam II software, which incorporates medical best practices into sophisticated clinical algorithms.

Medcor's 24/7 Telephonic Injury Triage Process has Four PatentsMedcor Canada’s triage method is covered by U.S. & foreign patents, including U.S. No. 8,346,573; 7,668,733; 7,716,070; & 7,720,692; other patents pending.