Industries Served

Employers partner with Medcor Canada to operate clinics on-site, utilizing evidence-based medicine, professional staff and efficient systems. We are able to serve clients in a wide variety of industries, including: retail and distribution, entertainment and hospitality, construction, power and petroleum, manufacturing, mining, food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical, agriculture, corporate headquarters and more.

Advantages of Being On-Site

Medcor Canada’s clinics are located on-site or near client facilities. This ensures convenient access for employees and reduces time away from work while receiving care. Employees receive immediate attention for their injuries and illnesses, which leads to better treatment outcomes. Having Medcor Canada onsite means that our clinic associates become familiar with their clients’ policies and work environments. Being on-site enables close collaboration with safety, risk, human resources and operations staff.

Worksite Clinic Facility

Clinics do not need to be large or expensive to be effective. Medcor Canada operates efficiently, making optimal use of the space that is available. We help configure clinics on a case-by-case basis for each client. Clinics range in size and complexity depending on the scope of services and volume of patients being served. Typically, the client provides the space and owns the clinic, while Medcor Canada operates it. We also provide turnkey, pre-fabricated clinics and mobile clinic options, when necessary.

Electronic Medical Record

Medcor Canada’s proprietary Medfiles™ system was developed in-house specifically to support on-site clinics. Our software automates documentation and reporting; it tracks all injury and illness data, performs trend analyses for safety and complies with all OHS regulations. When necessary, Medcor Canada can also use commercial electronic medical records to facilitate transition of existing clinics, access to historical data and integration with other clinics.

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