Medcor Canada Onsite Health and Wellness Clinics will reduce employer workers comp costs and improve patient outcomes!Employer Benefits of Onsite Healthcare

Medcor Canada can provide an on-site clinic either in a room or building set up by our clients, or we can provide one of our medical trailers for on-site use. This ensures convenient access to health care for all employees.

With Medcor Canada on-site, employees receive immediate medical attention for their injuries and illnesses; unnecessary off site treatments are avoided, and employees can return to work. Being in an onsite clinic also helps our medical staff become familiar with our clients’ policies, benefit plans and work environments. Being on-site enables close collaboration with our clients’ safety, risk, HR, operations, claims and benefits staff. It also helps our medical staff get to know the workforce and gain their trust as an advocate, educator and healthcare provider.

Broad Scope of Services

Clients select the scope of service that fits their needs. Medcor Canada provides Occupational Health Care and Primary Care. Medcor Canada successfully provides either or both of these services in the same clinic. Clients can choose from a wide range of service options.

Medcor Canada’s clinic software automates documentation and reporting to help on-site staff operate efficiently.  This software tracks all injury and illness data, performs trend analyses for safety and complies with all OHS regulations.

Clinical Staff Levels

Medcor Canada offers a range of clinical staff levels, determined by the scope of healthcare service selected by each client. Staffing models include nurse- or paramedic-based clinics to clinics staffed by nurse practitioners, physician assistants or physician-based clinics. Clinic staff also include other health professionals, as needed, including wellness, nutrition, and fitness coaches and educators. All healthcare staff are trained in Medcor Canada’s clinical standards, software and operating methods. All Medcor Canada clinicians receive physician medical direction and support from operations, IT, legal and other teams to ensure consistent, positive outcomes.

Flexible Onsite Clinic Schedules

All of Medcor Canada’s on-site medical and healthcare services are available on any schedule necessary to match clients’ operations. Hours of operation range from single shift coverage to 24/7 coverage, and can vary over time to meet clients’ changing needs. Medcor Canada provides a mix of scheduled services and walk-in access.

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