Through our experience on various projects, Medcor Canada found a need for medical trailers or “first aid rooms” to allow for the enhanced treatment and assessment of patients requiring immediate medical attention and advanced care as well as in depth after care.

Custom Mobile Medical Trailer

Our medical trailers are built with patient care in mind. Each trailer has a ramp door for stretcher access, an examination table for proper assessment of injuries, the ability to treat multiple patients at one time, and lighting and appropriate space for advanced procedures. Advanced procedures such as suturing require a sterile field in order to be performed successfully and to reduce risk of infection and other complications. These medical trailers give us this opportunity as they are stationary on the work site, have space for working in a variety of positions while performing procedures and have the necessary equipment and room to properly clean and sterilize equipment. Performing these procedures on site by ALS personnel can reduce the number of lost time incidents on a given project.

Onsite medical trailers for onsite treatment at a construction project in Canada.