Mobile Treatment Centers

Medcor Canada got its start specializing in mobile medical services. Our Mobile Treatment Centers (MTCs) are ready to provide medical care to any project that is remote, widespread, and temporary or that requires our staff to be available at a moment’s notice.

Medcor Canada has a fleet of Dodge RAM 3500 quad cab 4×4 diesel trucks and RAM 2500 quad cab 4×4 gas trucks with MTCs installed. Our MTCs are customized to ensure that all Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support equipment can be properly stored and safely transported. The MTCs are equipped with certified rollover protection that meets the regulations and guidelines of Technical Standards Document No. 220 of the Canadian Department of Transportation.

On-Site Medical Trailers

At temporary locations, we also offer our custom mobile medical trailers. These trailers allow for enhanced treatment and assessment of patients.

Our medical trailers are built with patient care in mind. The trailers allow for treatment of multiple patients at one time. They have abundant lighting and appropriate space to perform advanced procedures, such as suturing, which requires a sterile field in order to be done successfully.

These trailers are stationary on the worksite, have space for working in a variety of positions while performing procedures and have the necessary equipment and room to properly clean and sterilize equipment. Performing these procedures on site by health professionals can reduce the number of lost time incidents on a given project.